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Organic Private Label Ayurvedic Supplements

Bright Ideas Our specialty is fresh, organic, U.S. produced herbal ayurvedic remedies

Project Quote We provide you with a detailed price quote for either a bulk wholesale order or custom private label orders.

Environment We care about the environment and use only sustainably sourced, USDA certified organic herbs.


"Your company puts the other 'ayurvedic' companies to shame with your levels of quality control and freshness.

I recommend your organic products to all my clients. I appreciate all your help setting up our retail line."

- Fred S. | Private Label Customer

Did You Know?

According to the NY Times, most imported Indian ayurvedic herbs are "dangerous" ?

Organic Ayurvedic Supplements

We started our company 8 years ago in response to the demand, for clean, USDA certified organic herbal supplements, that are both scientifically validated and based on traditional principles of the ageless wisdom of Ayurveda.

The melding of modern science and ancient knowledge is the culmination of work.

Our Amazing Products

We specialize in traditionally crafted, organic ayurvedic remedies and herbal supplements that can be either ordered in bulk for wholesale, or your own custom private label supplements.

We are great to work with on projects.

We have great ideas that will benefit you.

We care about the environment.

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